Increase Sperm Amount

Increase Sperm Amount

Increase Sperm Amount

During orgasm, the male will ejaculate many millions of sperm, and of these, roughly 200 will make their way through the fallopian tubes of the female and reach the ovum. Of these 200, only one will typically fertilize the egg. ‘Oligiosperma’ is a condition in which the sperm count of the male’s semen is under 20 million individual sperm per milliliter. Male fertility is also determined by the motility and quality of the sperm.

A minimum of 60% of this sperm should be ‘normal’ for proper fertilization to occur. A normal sperm has a long tail and an ovular head. Deformed sperm, such as those with misshapen heads or multiple tails, do not stand a good chance of making it to the ovum and fertilizing it. The sperm is driven forwards by the motion of it’s tail. In order to reach the ovum, the sperm needs to be able to swim and move strongly. Fertilization is far more likely if a minimum of half of these sperm can move around regularly.

Increase Sperm Amount

The following are some reasons that males may have low sperm quality or a low sperm count and a need to increase sperm amount:

- Anxiety. Mental problems and stress can result in a diminished sperm count.

- Exposure to heat. This can come from many sources – using a laptop, having a prolonged fever, tight clothes, hot baths and saunas, and even being in very warm rooms.

- Riding a bike. The temperature of the scrotum can be raised while bicycling, and they can also become numb.

- Drinking alcohol. Consumption of alcoholic beverages can reduce your fertility.

- Smoking. Tobacco and cigarettes can result in deformed sperm. These activities can also result in defects of the fetus and damaged DNA.

- Using lubrication. Sperm motility is hindered when lubrication is used during intercourse.

- Illegal drug use. Opiates, cocaine and pot can all reduce your sperm count, in addition to damaging your ability to attain an erection.

Increase Sperm Amount

The following are methods which you can use to improve your fertility and increase sperm amount.

- Avoid long baths and prolonged use of a laptop; wear loose underpants; avoid cycling or anything that raises the temperature of your scrotum.

- Do not use drugs, tobacco or alcohol.

- When possible, do not use lubrication during sex.

- Also, try not to use toxic substances like cleansers, and make sure that you are working in a safe, ventilated environment if there are dangerous chemicals around.

Together, all these strategies should help you increase sperm amount naturally.

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